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Based in Brooklyn, New York, the DPG Network is an international media company specializing in underwater photography. We are dedicated to providing our readers every opportunity to experience underwater photography--from web to print, to competitions and travel. down

About DPG


The DPG network is a series of media outlets devoted to the art and sport of underwater photography. It is fueled by a young team connected by a passion for underwater photography. We value good journalism and informative writing, high quality print, exciting and unconventional travel, and above all else, a fine underwater image.


We do one thing and one thing only: underwater photography. Whether it's through high quality photojournalism in our digital and print publications, our photography expeditions around the world, our prestigious competitions that recognize the world's best underwater photographers, or simply our local meet-ups where like-minded people can share a laugh and good conversation, our goal is to inspire the next great underwater photographer or photograph.


The DPG network is designed for seasoned underwater photographers as well as anyone who enjoys underwater imagery. The website has 50,000 monthly readers and the print magazine has 36,000 subscribers that are underwater photographers- engaged enthusiasts or motivated beginners with the aspirations to dive into a new passion. We are always interested in hearing from potential partners that share this adventurous audience.

DPG Online

DPG Print

The world's first international print magazine dedicated to underwater photography with 36,000 subscribers. In order to be globally relevant, we took a polycentric approach and utilized three editors — experts in their respective regions of Singapore, Germany & the USA. Founded in 2011, the quarterly magazine is published in Singapore in collaboration with Asian Geographic and distributed internationally. It is designed to educate the global underwater photography and videography community on equipment, techniques and travel destinations, as well as highlight the world’s top underwater photographers and photography.
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DPG is the co-host, along with, of the series—the largest and most prestigious underwater photography competition in the world. The annual contest receives over 4,000 entries and winners typically span over a dozen countries. There is over $80,000 in awards given out each year, including trips to exotic destinations like Papua New Guinea and the Socorro Islands, dive and photo gear, and cash. Each competition is judged by a panel of professional photographers and magazine editors and supported by world-class sponsors who are leaders in the diving and underwater photo and video industries.

The winning images are covered in mainstream media including National Geographic, Discovery, Yahoo, the Daily Mail and many others. 15% of the proceeds from each competition go towards marine conservation efforts.

New York Underwater
Photographic Society


The New York Underwater Photographic Society is a community for anyone interested in underwater photography and underwater video. We meet once a month, typically on the first Tuesday. Sometimes we have a world renowned guest like David Doubilet, Howard Schatz and Emory Kristof. Sometimes we just meet to share images on a specific theme. No matter what type of presentation it is, our goal is simple: to promote the art of underwater imagery in the greatest city in the world – New York.

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